All students at GAMP participate in a choir activity. This develops their musicianship and teaches them how to work together in an ensemble. The human voice is the primary instrument. The students study a variety of choral repertoire, ranging from Classical, to Jazz, to Pop, to Broadway music.

Students in grades 9 through 12 can also audition for the Concert Choir. This select group works on high level repertoire and performs at different venues around the metropolitan area.

The Concert Choir’s selection process is based upon vocal ability and dependability. We strive to teach students the importance of the quest for excellence, discipline, and commitment.

Choral activities are directed by Mrs. Christina Blankenship (Music Director), Mr. Cameron Stringham, and Mr. Mac Holcomb, and Mr. Malcom Cooper

The GAMP Instrumental Music Department consists of several instrumental genres from the Marching Band to micro ensembles. The department’s emphasis is in developing the individuality of its students’ talents. The ethnicity of the student body and staff allow for creativity in varied musical styles from Jazz, Swing, to the Classics.

We offer various ensembles from beginners to the more advanced. They include: Middle School Strings, String Quartet, String Ensemble, High School Orchestra, Middle School Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Swing Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Brass Quintet and Concert Band. Our performances involve us in many community services such as String Quartet at the Museum of Art (Nexus Foundation), Side by Side performance with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Swing Band at the Rittenhouse Square (Flower Show), Jazz Band (Combo) at the Warwick Hotel, and the Marching Band in the annual Columbus Day Parade.

In keeping with the GAMP philosophy our life learned lessons include a sense of commitment, diversity and enhancement of aptitude as well as discipline. We continue to strive toward the state of unity and continuity.

Instrumental activities are directed by Mr. Mac Holcomb, Mr. Vincent Rutland, and Mr. Kaveh Saidi